Software Installation Guide

Software Installation.
  1. Obtain the executable file (ITC_DICOMpiler.exe) from the ITC Web site (

  2. Select the disk location (INSTALLDIR) for program files and data directories used by the DICOMpiler.

    Please note that the disk drive on which the program is installed must have sufficient free space to accommodate twice the space of the files you wish to process (The original files are not altered, new versions of them are created).

    Thus, if you selected an INSTALLDIR of "C:\DICOM", the path to the DICOMpiler executable will be "C:\DICOM\ITC_DICOMpiler.exe".

  3. Running the "ITC_DICOMpiler.exe" starts the DICOMpiler application. The application creates the following sub-directories in INSTALLDIR:
    • dcmrcvr (stores received DICOMobjects)
    • dcmtemp (stores objects in selected Series)
    • dcmcd(contains DICOM Part 10 Fileset files generated by DICOMpiler.
      This directory is over-written everytime a new fileset is created)

  4. In order to send DICOM objects to the DICOMpiler application, the DICOM sender must be configured with three pieces of information:
    • Host Name (or IP Address) of the computer on which the DICOM receiver is installed.
    • Port Number (104 is the port number used by DICOMpiler)
    • Application Title (ITC_STORESCP is the name used)

    It should be noted that files will be stored in the transfer syntax designated by the transmission.
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Aug 31, 2004