ITC DICOMpiler Software

In order to facilitate the transport of DICOM objects from treatment planning systems and scanners which support network (DIMSE) communication services, the ITC has developed a Windows PC application which performs the following functions:

  1. Acts as a DICOM receiver (Storage Service Class Provider)
  2. No alteration is made to the encoding of the data (Endian orientation)
  3. Allows the user to select among received DICOM Series
  4. Replaces the values in some tags and creates additional tags:

  5. Formats objects as a "Part-10" fileset with an empty DICOMDIR file. These files are written in the same transfer syntax that they were received. (It should be noted that these created files are deleted when a new set of files is generated). Once a fileset has been created on a user's PC, the files may be written to CD-R media (using readily available, commercial software). When writing CDs, be aware that the DICOM standard designates that files encoded on CDs be written in Little Endian Explicit. Files can also be sent to the ITC using FTP.

The ITC DICOMpiler application has been tested under Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.  These pages show how to obtain, install and run the DICOMpiler. The latest revision is

Please see the Quick Start Guide for additional system requirements and instructions.

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Jul 24, 2012